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Whether for a short lunch with colleagues, a takeaway dish or a business meal, Ken, Kevin and Johann offer a comprehensive range of culinary services to meet all your needs and expectations.

In your restaurant, choose between the Équilibre and the My Favorite menus, something from the BBQ, a hamburger, a soup or pasta, all completed by an appetizer and a dessert buffet, according to the seasons.

Enjoy your meal!

Meal plan

Price & Conditions 2017 - 2018


MEAL PLAN: CHF 3280.- per Academic year

Breakfast: 7 am to 11 am
Coffee or orange juice, croissant, omelette or similar
Lunch: or Dinner 11 am to 7.30 pm
Choice of 3 main course, vegetarian special or salad bar...

Valid for:
1st year period , fall 1 and 2 + spring 1 and 2 ( 160 days )
From Monday to Friday ( excluding breaks and bank holidays )

The meal plan offer the flexibility to roll over from a day to another
( For ex : unused lunch can be used the next day for a dinner or take away for the week-end )

Open balance, valid during all the academic year

Type Price per term Reward points*
Meal plan CHF 3280.- A 11,5 % discount is already deducted
Prepaid plan CHF 1950.- 200
  • Based on daily consumption ( breakfast, lunch or dinner ).
  • Extras need to be paid separatly. Beverages are not included and need to be paid separatly.
  • Card need to be charged in advance.
  • Meal plan are available only in the beginning of each term and need to be prepaid.
  • Unused meals at the end of the academic year are forfeited.
  • Valid during all the academic year.
  • Restaurant is closed during break time.
  • Available from Monday to Friday ( restaurant is closed during week-end ).
  • Students can use their "Webster ID" as a badge to pay at the restaurant till ( only if prepaid / debit method ).
  • The reload of a badge can be made either on internet or directly at the till ( during specific hours ).
    Load at the till only from 7 am to 11.30 am.
  • *1 point = CHF 1.- / points can be used at the restaurant and are non refundable
  • Unused Points at the end of each term are forfeited.
  • A CHF 10.- fee will be charged for lost card.

All prices include taxes and service


At your first connection only:

  1. Enter the code bar number (7 digits) of your Webster ID in the "Code" field
  2. Re-enter the same 7 digits in the "PIN code" field
  3. Enter your e-mail address in the field "e-mail"
  4. Change your password
  5. Click on "confirm modifications" to validate
  6. Click on "log out" once completed

Recharging badges

To log in, just introduce your badge number (7 digits) and your password. In case you did not change it yet, you can still modify it in the "Account Management" page.

Once the payment transaction will be over, the amount you charge will be on your card.

Recharging badges

Reloading your restaurant account using a credit card
Terms and conditions

  1. The usual rules covering the restaurant payment badge are applicable.

2. Payment terms:

  • Reloading your restaurant account on-line is only possible using a credit card. The card can be reloaded for CHF 560, 1032, or 1950.
  • Only Swiss Francs (CHF) are accepted.
  • The following credit cards are accepted: PostCard, American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
  • The payment transaction is made in a secure zone, with our partner Saferpay (Six Payment Services). The data registered by the payment system is considered to be proof of all transactions performed between Eldora and its clients.
  • Eldora SA does not retain any information concerning your credit card.
  • The credit card will only be debited when the restaurant account is credited.


3.  Droit applicable en cas de litige

  • Swiss law is applicable.


Using the restaurant payment badge

I The way the payment system works

  1. Restaurant payment badges are provided to students by Webster University.
  2. Other than cash payment and usual credit cards, only the badge payment is allowed for payment at the restaurant cash desks.
  3. Every students has a prepayment account. The students is responsible for paying into their account and maintaining a sufficient balance.
  4. On arrival, you must put money in your account using one of the recharging methods described below.
  5. Link to the restaurant's Intranet site: webster.eldora.ch

II Reloading your restaurant account:
The following options are available to you for recharging your restaurant account:

  1. It can be reloaded directly at the restaurant's badge recharge machine, preferably before meals, or during breaks. The minimum amount when using cash to reload your card is CHF 10.00. You will receive a receipt if you choose this option.
  2. By credit card: PostCard, American Express, MasterCard or Visa only. Link to the restaurant's Internet site: webster.eldora.ch

III Loss of restaurant payment badge

  1. You must immediately notify the restaurant manager or school management if you lose your payment badge. The manager will block your old badge and transfer the remaining balance to the new badge provided by Webster University.

Your restaurant account is linked to your name. Should you lose your badge, your restaurant account will not be affected.

IV. Consulting your restaurant account, errors, complaints and forgetting the payment badge.

  1. The balance of your restaurant account and transactions may be consulted at any time on the restaurant's internet site; link: webster.eldora.ch. This function is reserved for payment badge and access holders.
  2. For any questions or problems with your restaurant account, please contact the manager of your restaurant.
  3. Entry error at the cash desk: point it out immediately to the cashier who will take note. The account will be corrected later.
  4. Problem with your payment badge: the cashier will make a note of your badge number and it will be checked later.
  5. If you have forgotten your badge, you can pay with cash. No credit will be granted.

V Closing an account

  1. For account holders the card must be cashed out at the restaurant after the last meal.
  2. The account will be blocked until expiry of the payment badge.
  3. A change of holder number implies closing the account linked to your old number and opening a new account. You are therefore requested to cash out your old account before being issued the new card.


Breaking the monotony is a constant commitment of our gastronomic philosophy.

Therefore, we plan to organise some 50 culinary activities and events each year, according to the seasons and to your requests.

The schedule of the planned programme in your restaurant are presented here. Throughout the year, customised or punctual animations will complete the programme shown below.

23 january 2017

24 january 2017

25 january 2017

26 january 2017

27 january 2017

31 january 2017

2 february 2017

20 february 2017

1 march 2017

29 march 2017

26 april 2017

1 may 2017

2 may 2017

3 may 2017

4 may 2017

5 may 2017

24 may 2017

28 june 2017

3 july 2017

4 july 2017

5 july 2017

6 july 2017

7 july 2017

12 july 2017

22 august 2017

14 september 2017

23 october 2017

24 october 2017

25 october 2017

26 october 2017

27 october 2017

31 october 2017

8 november 2017

13 december 2017

Les conseils de notre dieteticienne

Comment garder la forme en automne ?

Comment déjouer les pièges lors de repas d'affaires ?

Les aliments incontournables de l'automne

Renforcer son système immunitaire avant l'hiver

Une cure détoxifiante après les fêtes

L'après ski

Les bienfaits de la soupe en hiver

Déjouer les pièges durant les fêtes

Comment récupérer entre 2 repas de fête ?

Que manger lorsque l'on pratique un sport d'hiver ?

Les potages


Les aliments pour le bronzage

Y a-t-il des aliments plus rafraîchissants que d'autres ?


Les glaces

La sauce pour grillades

Les grillades

Les smoothies

Les salades estivales

Le petit déjeuner

Les antioxydants

Les modes de cuissons sains


Bouger plus

L'assiette équilibrée

Le sel

Manger végétarien

Les féculents complets

Les vitamines

Les produits locaux et de saison

Les matieres grasses

Petit creux l'apres-midi

Les conseils de notre chef executif

Bouchées de foie gras au chocolat

Crème brûlée au foie gras

Panna cotta, saumon et légumes croquants

Toast aux truffes et pecorino

Fusilli lunghi à la truffe et aux tomates cerise

Carpaccio de bresaola à la truffe

La salade césar revisitée

la tortilla au chorizo

Le potager gourmand

Cœur de saumon d'Écosse et foie gras mi-cuit du Périgord

Foie gras mi-cuit et réduction de balsamique

Rouleaux de cœur de saumon aux herbes et sa concassée de poivre

Pâte à tartiner maison

Sorbet aux fraises et au basilic

Glace au yogourt

L'apéritif savoureux de l'été

La marinade pour poissons

La marinade pour viandes

La mayonnaise au curry pour poissons et crustacés

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La sauce pour grillade de poissons

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Comment bien poêler son foie gras

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Conseil pour le guacamole

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Conseil d'utilisation de l'ail

Comment cuire un légume vert

Le tartare au couteau

Conseil de cuisson à basse temprérature


Your restaurant is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Restaurant is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

M. Santiago Johann

022 959 80 77


Restaurant Webster
Route de Collex 15
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